🐉Marketing: The DragonChain Way

Today, marketing is the only attribute that differentiates two projects, so what is DragonChain doing about this?

In the world of crypto, where the whole market is unorganized, decentralized, and constantly evolving in terms of innovation as well as the sheer volume of new projects coming up, it’s imperative that a responsible team behind a project looks towards marketing as one of the, if not the most important aspect of surviving in this space. Dragonchain understands this.

So… how do we, as a team, plan on differentiating the project from all the other similar projects even when a lot of services we provide are similar to other DEX’s and AMM’s? Aggressive marketing, tirelessly building strategic alliances, and forming pool partnerships for cross marketing. The latter part of what our objectives are might be clear, but the ambit of aggressive marketing is too broad, yes, so we are expanding on our plans in this article so our investors know EXACTLY what to expect from us, marketing wise.

Any kind of marketing flow starts off with Attention, then the Intention to invest, followed by Desire to get involved, and finally pulling the trigger on investing. Priority one for Dragonchain would be to get $DRAC listed on CoinMarketCap, and Coingecko ASAP and run a promotional giveaway in partnership with CMC to bring in more investors and users on the Dragonchain DEX, followed by getting Dragonchain listed as a DEX on Coingecko as well. With respect to how the bigger marketing picture would look like, read on ahead:

Starting off, as soon as the IDO with Singular.Farm ends, 10% of the funds raised will be directed towards marketing, this includes some truly attention grabbing banner ads on well-known DeFi hubs like Dextools, Poocoin, coinhunt, coingecko etc. The campaign will be rolled out in a staggered way so as to not exhaust all the advertising prowess at once, but to continually keep appearing in front of potential customers whenever they visit the platforms. This will act as a catalyst towards bringing in a mass audience into a brand new DEX with sky high APRs that is DragonChain.

In addition to this, organic marketing via twitter, Facebook, instagram, and LinkedIn will also be given importance because by design the algorithms to these social media sites show users relevant posts in form of targeted tweets and posts, which bring in genuine followers and investors. Dragonchain will aim to boost organic reach via Giveaways, regular posts, and targeted ads to reach a broader audience in terms of both quality, as well as quantity. Community engagement events like meme contests and AMAs will also be regularly conducted over at Dragonchain Hangouts app to maximize facetime with the community and build a loyal base of investors around the Dragonchain Ecosystem.

Media coverage always hypes up a project, and we are all for it. Keep an eye out as we might suddenly drop a Yahoo! Finance, or a FOX article on you and sit back while the FOMO sends $DRAC to new ATH’s. Might seem too good to be true now, but as we mentioned earlier, Dragonchain is not just aiming to “market” itself, it’s aiming to “aggressively market” itself in a huge way.

In conclusion, if you have read the whole article, you should know by now that it’s not unorganized marketing that we are looking at, but an organized, well thought out plan with proven marketing frameworks and strategies that will propel Dragonchain to heights unheard of heretofore.

🐉🔥The best DEX on #BSC aiming to provide high yield passive income and immersive metaverse experiences through innovation and community building.

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🐉🔥The best DEX on #BSC aiming to provide high yield passive income and immersive metaverse experiences through innovation and community building.

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